Laminated Alcohol Ink Panel

Hello! I am so excited to be bring you this card. I love it when creators are inspired by other creators to make something completely new.  What starts off as one thing, completely transforms and becomes something completely different

A few months ago, I saw Jennifer McGuire use laminating pouches and confetti to make windows in her cards. Of course, the end result was breathtaking, but it made me think. What else can you do with these pouches? Would it be possible to put ink in them? And so the seed of curiosity was planted.

I took out my laminator, grabbed a pouch, and some alcohol ink and began to drop the ink onto an open laminating pouch. The first few tries were a mess. I didn’t wait for the ink to dry and my laminator simply pushed it from inside the pouch. But after a few ties and waiting for the ink to dry, the outcome was stunning. The laminating pouch was tinted with the ink but still translucent, and adding glitter created a shimmer. I knew exactly what I wanted to create; a night sky.

And so, I made this whimsical card of a bear looking up into the night sky on a magical Christmas Eve. The only word to really describe this panel is MAGIC.

To see how I created this card, you can watch my video in two parts here:

Cricut Tutorial Video:

Card Making Video:

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