Spring Shaker Card with a Laminated Alcohol Panel

Hello again! Today I’m sharing a shaker card to celebrate the season. Its been a rough few month and it’s been hard to be optimistic. But, its SPRING! A time to start fresh and that’s what inspired this card. April Showers bring May Flowers, as they say.

One of the main points of interest in this card is the window pane. I’ve used the laminated alcohol ink panel technique before, but in this card it serves as a shaker window.

Keeping with the spring theme, I created the tinted color part to resemble clouds and sprinkled silver glitter and confetti to simulate rain. Weather this card is in motion or standing still, it give the feel of rain falling.

To see how I created this card, you can watch my video in two parts here:

Cricut Tutorial Video:

Card Making Video:

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