Finding Inspiration

How do I come up with ideas for my cards? Planning a card can really come from anywhere. When I’m stumped, I let my surrounding inspire me. The warmer weather was moving into New York, so I decided to create a fun encouragement card that reflected the summer. And lets face it, who couldn’t use some encouragement nowadays?

To begin, I started by picking out my stamp set. I was inspired to find a set that reflected the warmer weather. When I came across this Darcie’s Heart and Home stamp set in my stash, I knew right away what I was going to do. The flamingo was perfect for my theme and I actually loved the sentiment that was included, but I wanted to make it bigger. I knew that I could redesign it with the Cricut. But before that, I went ahead and planned a background.

I hadn’t used my embossing folders in a while and I’d seen some really pretty ideas out there that inspired me to search my stash.  Just by the flamingo’s color, I knew it would standout without a problem, so I wasn’t concerned with busy patterns. I paired my tropical bird with a tropical background and added ink blending to make it even more interesting.

The final step was deciding on how to present the sentiment. I really loved how the background came out and I didn’t want to obstruct it completely by a large sentiment. Instead, I decided to use vellum because vellum has a slight translucent quality and it would let some of the color and texture through. I foiled my phrase and color coordinated it with my flamingo. Once I have all my elements, the card comes together very quickly.

To see how I created this card, you can watch my videos here:

Cricut Tutorial:

Cardmaking Tutorial:

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