It’s Okay to Keep It Simple

Crafting and the creative process has many sides to it. Most people see the result of an artist efforts which is very satisfying. But sometimes to get to that finished product, be it a card or a journal page, there comes a lot of trial and error. Now yes, there are moment of pure genius where the planets, moon, and stars align and things come together quickly and effortlessly. However, for one of those moments, there are significantly more that involve thought and sometimes frustration.

For myself, I sometimes feel a pressure to keep up with being innovative and trends. This can cause unneeded stress and confidence breaking. The best thing for this is to stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Creating something simple doesn’t mean it not good or not clever. Using a minimal number of supplies or not using every technique doesn’t reflect on a lack of talent.

This week I decided to hold back on bring out all the supplies I usually use. This was partially because I just cleaned my studio. I still wanted to create something without making a huge mess and bring out all the products that come with the creative process. I kept it simple by relying on ink blending, die cutting, and premade sentiments. The result was a beautiful card that I’m proud of and a desk that is embossing powder free, at least for the moment.

To see how I created this card, you can watch my videos here:

Cricut Tutorial:

Cardmaking Tutorial:

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