Keeping It Simple, but Current, and Using What You Have

I really enjoy seeing the things other creators make. It’s always a learning experience to viewing a new video released by my favorite artists. I also enjoy seeing new products being used, but sometimes my wallet can’t keep up with the trends. When that happens, I look into my stash to see if I can’t wipe some dust off of an older product or just try to create my own with the Cricut.

This week’s project was inspired by all the butterflies I’ve been seeing in recent weeks, and who doesn’t love a butterfly? They can fit so many occasions and the colors are magic. It’s no wonder that so many people love to include them in their projects.

I kept my design for this simple. Last week I liked using minimal amounts of supplies so much, that I tried to do that again. Instead of stamping, I relied on my Cricut to create a custom cover plate design using butterflies. I also created an ink blended panel, which is by far my favorite technique to create color backgrounds.

I was so happy with the end result and most impressively, I didn’t have to buy a single product to create a currently trending design. You may be tempted to buy a new stamp set or die, which is okay and sometimes nice, but you don’t have to have the latest products to make something beautiful.

To see how I created these cards, you can watch my videos here:

Cricut Tutorial:

Cardmaking Tutorial:

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