Finding Different Ways to Display the Same Theme

How many times have you been afraid to use the same theme in a project because you wanted to be original? I know I did and I wasted valuable time thinking there was something wrong with using the same ideas. Rather than beat myself up, I’ve learned that apply simple techniques can completely transform one design that I love, into something new and beautiful.

Do those butterflies look familiar? Well, they should. I used that background in my last cards, yet this one is completely different than the last two. By making a few adjustments to my previous designs, I created a completely different look.

A quick way to change things up is starting with color. My last cards used warm colors, so for this project I decided to complete flip the color scheme and use cool tones.

Another way to transform the look of a project is by using different textures and mediums. In my previous project, I used the negative and positive elements of a die cut and colored them with distress oxide ink, which created a smooth look. I used distress oxide in this latest card as well, however I added a layer of textured paste and glitter to add dimension and interest.

Lastly, I changed my previous designs by including new elements, in this case stamped images and enamel accents. My previous designs primarily relied on the presents of the die cut pieces alone. They served as an anchor for the die cut sentiment. In this this design, I added stamped butterflies to look as if they were fluttering off the page and out of the the background. The feel is completely different, yet the butterfly element is very much the same.

To see how I created this card, you can watch my videos here:

Cricut Tutorial:

Cardmaking Tutorial:

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