An Oldy But Goody: Using Gilding Flakes

Hey there craft lovers. I’m back this week to share a card that I made for my mother-in-law’s birthday. I tried to create something I knew she’d like. I combined popular trends and an old technique to create something, I believe, would lighten her day.

First, I created a Cricut made layered stencil to make this pretty butter fly. Yes, more butterflies. Butterflies are such a beautiful creature that come in so many colors and variations, it’s no wonder they inspire creativity. Additionally, there’s a lot of symbolism behind them, that virtually make them a great decoration for a number of occasions.

Once I had my stencil, it was time for the color selection. In my mother-in-law’s case, she loves anything and everything yellow. That had to be my primary color and I always liked how yellow blended with orange and pink.

I’ve grown to love using oxide inks. I find them to be the easiest solution to making a background. Personally, I’ve never been fantastic at incorporating pattern paper in my projects. Oxide inks are my solution to what would be a hopeless dilemma.

I stenciled my butterfly on a white cardstock panel, alternating the colors as I went. I really loved how the colors looked together and I wanted the next layer to compliment the look, at the same time I wanted something that would mimic the real look of a butterfly. I’ve always found that butterfly wings appear metallic and shimmer. The colors catch the light in a magical way and I wanted to recreate that in some way.

After some thought, I decide that I would use multitone gilding flakes, even though they tend to be messy. I tried to minimize the mess with a shallow box to apply the gilding flakes in and I worked on one butterfly wing at a time so I wouldn’t stick to everything. It did take some time, but the end result was exactly what I was looking for.

I really love how this card turned out. The gilding flakes created that metallic butterfly look I was hoping to capture. As much as I love learning and using new techniques, sometimes pulling out an old supply can really bring a project together.

For detail on how I made this card, you can watch the video here:

And, for details on how I created the layered stencil using the Cricut, you can watch this video here:

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