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Underestimated Supplies: Laminating Sheets

Hello there! I hope your day is going well. Today’s topic is once again taking a look at supplies and how we can get more out of them. Once in a while, I look around my work space, and it hits me how useful a particular supply is or how under estimated it might be because it not high tech or flashy. I personally love supplies that I can use in a variety of ways that many not be their true intended uses. And this idea motivated me to share my first favorites list  on my YT channel focusing on a product that I use almost every day in my creative space; laminating sheet.

In the video, I talk about how useful I find laminating sheet, not just creatively but practically. I use them directly in projects as well as in organizing my work space. They are an economical solution to many of my creative needs, specifically because of their versatility. Also, by using laminating sheets instead of other product, I free up space in my studio that would otherwise be occupied by other products doing the same thing. This of course means I spend less money because they’re a one stop shop product for a number of tasks, as well as eliminating some of the stresses related to clutter. Over all I’m more creative and efficient thanks to their help.

This led me to realize that some times it really is the little, under estimated things that add value to the creative process.

For details on how I use laminating sheets, you can watch my videos here:

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