Customizing Stamp Images using Small Accessory Stamps

Hello crafty friends! I hope life is treating you well. This week I was inspired to create some fun custom images using masking and some accessory stamps.

I notice that companies come out with similar products, but with seasonal variations and if you’re like me, you want them ALL! BUT… it’s just not really practical. I mean really, how many cupcakes or bird or drinks, in this case, can you possibly have? Well, with accessory stamps you don’t have to limit yourself.

I created a Halloween card using the Summer Drinks stamp set from Pretty Pink Posh, and combined it with images from the Lawn Fawn’s Fox Costume Before n’ After set. By masking of portions of the drinks and placing the Halloween themed stamps instead, I was able to completely transform the original look of the stamps. The best part of this technique is that you can apply it to almost any stamp set and use some of those little accessory stamps that have been neglected.

To see how I created this card, you can watch the video here:

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