Holiday Card Series Coming Soon: 12 Days of Christmas in November

Coming Soon!

Hello again. You may have noticed that I did not release a new video last week, but there is a reason for that. I’m excited to be sharing some news. I’ve decided to release a Christmas Card Series before the holiday. I’ve been a little intimidated by the project, but after some thought and preparation, I’ve set out to accomplish this task.

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. I love the decorations, the sparkle, and just the ambiance of it all. But in recent years, Christmas has been difficult and finding joy a challenge. The first Christmas after my mom’s passing was terrible, and the more recent Covid Christmas wasn’t any fun either. I’ve set out to change my mindset and bring back a little glimmer of hope through my creations, for myself and those around me.

I know I’m a little late to the game since more establish creators have been releasing their videos since the end of Halloween, but you know what they say, “Better late than never”. Starting this week, I’ll be presenting the 12 Day of Christmas in November series. This will be a collection of twelve different cards brought to you over the course of twelve days, and just in time for the holidays.   There maybe more cards before the holidays, but those will be in addition to the twelve that will be released daily.

I do hope you enjoy them and that you’ll join me in this very first, and hopefully not last, Holiday Card Series for 2021.

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