Holiday Cardmaking Series: Day One!

Hello friends. I hope you had an amazing week. It’s finally here. I’ve been really wanting to share a holiday special for some time, but I’ve always been super intimidated by the idea. What if I mess up or things don’t come out the way I want them? Will I have enough time to get at least 12 cards done? These were just some of my fear and concerns, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

My first card is a great example of not giving up and just seeing something through to the end. I had a vision in my head, and unfortunately it didn’t come without bumps in the road. I set out to create a card with an inlay background, a technique I don’t usually use. Not that I don’t love it. Actually, I really enjoy seeing other people’s work using it.

I set out planning my card, picked out my stamps, cardstock, and coloring supplies. I could have just placed my stamped images on the front of the color cardstock, but I wanted something a little catchier to the eye.

At first I thought I’d use a die to just spotlight my images. I dove into my stash and I came across the Festive Repeat dies from Sizzix.  I intended to make a frame, maybe even a shaker, using the die, but found that it didn’t cut out the shape completely to stand on its own, but rather cut the shape into the cardstock panel. That’s when I decided to try my hand at inlay.

I should have known it was an ambitious task using the plaid pattern, but I was determined. The task was very tedious. I fumbled with the pieces trying to get them into their correct spots. I couldn’t apply too much glue because it dried quicker than I could place pieces. I actually had to step away and come back, but I was too invested to give up.

After some trial and error, I finished my background and my husband was impressed with my dedication. I was thrilled by the result and I learned a few tricks along the way. And that’s the point. Even though I love the hobby, it can sometimes be frustrating. It’s a good frustration that I can work through and leave with a sense of accomplishment in the end.

To see how I created this card you can watch the video here:

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