Holiday Card Series Day 3: Holiday Bird

Hello there friends. Today is day three of the Holiday Card Series and the card I’m sharing with you has a traditional and elegant feel, while at the same time including some not so traditional colors.

I created this card by combining the Simon Says Spring Bird stamp set with the Magic of Christmas set. Both are absolutely stunning sets, but I find that the Spring Bird set is one of the most versatile sets Simon Says Stamps has released this year. I’ve used this set to create birthday cards, bereavement cards, and just because cards. And today I’m creating a holiday card!

My neighbors have several bird feeders outside and during the summer I often watch the assortment of feathery friends that come to snack on the treats. One in particular always catches my eye, the American Gold Finch. This is a cheerful little bird with bright yellow, black, and white feathers. I think of him as a fancy fellow, which would look nice in combination with some tradition Christmas reds and greens. However, in the winter he changed his colors and is a far duller. In my version of the holiday card, I chose to portray him in his summer attire.

I used Copics to color my bird  and I used my regular technique of putting down the lightest color and slowly working up to the darkest, in combination with a flicking motion to add the grey and black feather into the bold yellow. The flicking resulted in a pretty convincing, if not perfect feathery look.

In the end, I was very pleased with the result and loved the combination of colors.

To see how I made this card, you can watch the video here:

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