Holiday Card Series Day 4: Christmas Across the Miles

Hello again friends. Day four of the Holiday Card Series is upon us and the card I’m sharing today take a look at using the similar techniques and layout to create different looking cards. Even though you may use the same techniques and even the same layout to design a card, it doesn’t mean you’re going to end up with the same card.  

I went through my stash and I came across the Home for the Holidays stamp set from Lawn Fawn. The set is minimal and absolutely adorable with a little Beetle looking car (who doesn’t love Hurby?) and some gifts and tree to accessorize it. I knew this would make a great card for loved ones that were far away or couldn’t be there for the holiday. Right now, I think we all know someone that is far away that we miss and love.

I set out to use my reliable ink blended technique, but I feared that this card would be too similar to the card made in day two. To avoid this, I like to make lists of what I like about the card design and that was easy. I loved the clean white boarder and ink blended background. Next, I looked at what I could change about the design. The most obvious think is the image, which I was going to do anyway. However, sometimes changing the image isn’t enough. This is where I decided to add die cuts to build a scene and changing the color pallet.  By doing this, the card design is completely transformed into something else.

The end result was a charming card with a sentimental touch that I loved.

To see how I made this card, you can watch the video here:

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