Holiday Card Series Day 5: Merry and Bright Christmas

Hello crafty friends. Day five of the Holiday Card Series has arrived and today’s card is a fun and minimal supply card. In other words, you don’t have to have fancy stamps to make it yourself.

I’m very flattered when I get a compliment on one of my creations, and for the most part, I think we all like hearing nice things. But it hurts my heart when someone says, “I can’t do that!”. Sure you can! I’m not painting the Sistine Chapel, and while stamps definitely make cardmaking easier, they are not necessary.

But what if you can’t draw? Well, I find that to be hard sell for me. Can you draw simple shapes? I’m going back to my very first art lessons, the days of drawing inanimate objects like fruit and bottles, lots of bottles. One of the first things my teacher taught was to break down objects into their rudimentary shapes — the squares, the triangles, and the circles, and then build on them. I’m not asking to recreate a realistic picture of the Red Square during the holidays, just give yourself credit for what you can do.  And I bet it’s more than you think!

I went ahead and used a combination of two shapes to create this card, a square and a triangle (okay and some loops). To help me achieve a cleaner look, I used a straight edge to draw and connect my lines. When I was done, I had a Christmas tree and three wanky presents to use as faux stamp. I added color in the form of ink blending and Copic coloring and added my only stamp, a sentiment, which could have been handwritten or typed and printed.  

In the end, I had a fun and bright card with a non-traditional feel that was easy to create and will be very much appreciated by loved ones when they see the thoughtfulness of a handmade card.

To see how I made this card, you can watch the video here:

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