Holiday Card Series Day 7: Snow Flake Dancer

Holiday Card Series Day 7: Snow Flake Dancer

Hello my fellow crafters! Happy Thanksgiving! I hope life has been treating you kindly. I can’t believe we’re already into day seven of this card series and it’s Thanksgiving. It also means we’re that much closer to the holidays and the New Year.

The holidays are bittersweet for me. It will be the 6th Christmas without my mom, yet I still try and find some bit of magic, even if it’s in something small. That’s also true in cardmaking; sometimes it’s those small details that just make a card extra special. The card I’m sharing today is very nostalgic and has, what I think, that something special.

When I saw the Dance and Twirl stamp set earlier this year, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I had flashback to my childhood dance classes. I think many girls dream about being ballerinas when their young. There’s something magical in the sparkling dresses, the beautiful choreography, and the moving music. It really transports you.  

One of my favorite ballet to this day is Tchaikovsky’s, The Nutcracker. The story is pure magic. I fell in love with it all; Clara, the Nutcracker Prince, the Rat King, the Sugar Plum Fairy… I can still remember dancing to the music in one of my recitals. Everything just went together so well to tell this amazing story.

When I made this card, I wanted to create a metaphorical stage for my dancer. I used the background, an ink blended highlight with embossed white snowflakes, to showcase the delicate figure dancing across the cardstock in her shimmery blue dress. But it was when I was putting the card together that I wanted to add something more. That’s when I noticed the laced ribbon of her slippers and it inspired me to add the silver string detail to the card base. It may not see like a huge contribution to the design, maybe I’m the one who’s crazy, but I felt like it really tied (no pun intended) everything together.

Overall, I think that this is my favorite card of the series, and it goes to show that sometimes it’s the little things that can make something really special.

To see how I made this card, you can watch the video here:

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