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Holiday Card Series Day 9: Merry Christmas Reindeer Tag

Welcome back my crafty friends. It is day nine of the 12 Day of Christmas in November and we are in the home stretch now. Today’s card is a quick no coloring card, which is a great option for those of us who either aren’t confident with that skill, or simply are a little short on time.  

I love coloring, but out of all the techniques, it’s the one that takes up the most time. Between picking out colors and then actually coloring in images, I can easily spend an hour on a single stamp. I usually don’t mind it, but there are times that life just doesn’t want to cooperate with craft time. When that happens, sometimes I just skip the coloring part.

Creating a contract between bold background colors and uncolored images is a nice way to create a statement piece without all the fuss of coloring. For the holidays, I use red as a staple in my design, but you could use any color. Pattern paper is also a good option for this type of project, especially for brighter and more busy designs. The uncolored stamp calms those prints down and offers a nice focal point.

If you feel that the image is too stark, you can also limit your coloring to elements on the stamp. In the card I created, I only color the reindeer’s nose red to bring more attention to the cute critter without committing to an entirely colored image. The result is a fun and easy card that is sure to brighten someone’s day.   

To see how I created this card, you can watch the video here:

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