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I’m Back! The Planning Process

Hello crafty people! It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted anything new. Where in the world have I been?

So, it hasn’t been on a pleasure cruise, that’s for sure. The past few months have been very rough on me. Last summer, I was in a car accident with my family. The car accident wasn’t serious, but it did result in $5,000 worth of damage and we were a bit banged up. I hurt my back and my shoulder.

Sometime around the holidays, my back really started to act up. It may have been triggered by the typical cold New York winter. At any rate, it became increasingly difficult to sit or stand, which of course disrupting my crafting time. Then to add to the injury, I caught Covid.

I was miserable for most of the winter and all the fun plans I had for Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s had to be abandoned.

There is an upside to this though. Being in bed sick offered me a lot of time to watch other creators. That made me wonder about how each of them planned their cards. Did they just grab supplies and create on the fly? Did they plan ahead? Did they have any special process?

In my latest video, I walk you through my planning process of a sweet birthday card using the Berry Special stamp set from Lawn Fawn. I start off with sketching – a rough drawing with some notes. Sometimes I even go as far as putting sample colors, however this one wasn’t as in depth. Keeping a notebook allows me to go back and look at sketches when I’m having a hard time creating.

Once the sketch is done, I gather the stamps and dies to measure them. I do this when I plan on creating a custom foiled sentiment. I use Cricut Design Space to create a digital mockup of the card. This gives me a visual of how large or small to make my sentiments.

Lastly, I gather all my supplies and physical make the card. This involves creating the sentiment with the Cricut and coloring my images.

Sometimes as I create, I experiment, like I did with the cupcakes. Rather than coloring, I used Liquid Pearls to create frosting, glitter for sprinkles, and a heart shapes gem for a strawberry. The result, I think, came out really sweet, as intended for this card.

You can watch the video here:

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